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The FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS are THE show all about failure and success in love.

🎤 The live show always features 2 storytellers who tell you the stories of their experiences in love and - very importantly - what they have learned from them.

🤩 There is always a comedian or comedienne who makes the audience laugh afterwards - after all, humor is when you laugh anyway.

💡 And at the end there is professional advice from a couples therapist who will tell you how to make relationships work better in the long term. Empathize, laugh, understand - these are the FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS.

Show tickets

FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS - Stories of failure in love / Cologne Vol. 23

Cologne, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

Mon, 29.04.2024

FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS - Stories of failure in love / Cologne Vol. 24

Cologne, Odonien

Thu, 25.07.2024

FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS - Stories of failure in love / Cologne Vol. 25

Cologne, Odonien

Tue, 27.08.2024

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Talking about your story can be liberating. And sharing connects. Whether you have been abandoned or you have broken up: tell your story, share what you have learned and give others guidance and hope.

Grow beyond yourself, dare it!

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Why do relationships fail? In the FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS blog you can read more about how to find the right partner. If you're wondering how to save your marriage, you'll also find suggestions. And there are great book tips from.

Just have a read.

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My mission

Telling stories around the campfire is one of humanity's most primal forms of communication. Stories have always been the best way to convey experiences and connect us with each other. And stories have a special magic. Through them, we can find common ground and learn from differences.

Our mission at FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS is therefore to use the magic of storytelling to bring people closer together and show them that they are not alone. We believe that love and its end is a universal experience that we all know, regardless of our differences. The FAIL IN LOVENIGHTS invite you to inspire each other and laugh together.

Through the authenticity of our speakers and the openness of our audience, we create an atmosphere in which people encourage, support and inspire each other. Every story and every talk shows that failure is not the end, but often the beginning of growth and transformation.

The FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS celebrate diversity and stand for open and respectful interaction with one another. The FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS are more than just a show.

We are a community that believes in a world where love is not limited by fear or prejudice, but where it offers space for growth, change and deep connection.

The FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS in numbers


What the FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS are and what not

✅ For anyone who has ever loved
✅ For couples and singles
✅ For storytelling, comedy and psychology fans
✅ Funny and entertaining
Instructive and moving
✅ Diverse in every respect
✅ Self-reflective and respectful
Welding together
✅ Show about deep feelings

❌ A mourning club for singles
❌ Only for singles
❌ Only for people who are heartbroken
❌ Depressing
Insulting or derogatory
❌ Exclusionary
❌ Dating show

Logo black and white FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS

What others say about the show:

About me

I'm Juli Stockheim, in my early 30s, a Cologne resident by choice, an optimistic realist and the founder of FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS - stories of failure in love. I love the stories behind people. What moves them. What disappoints them. What inspires them. And there are so many stories that are worth telling. My story leads me to create a show for you: I was with my ex-girlfriend for over 10 years. A love that started when I was 18 and was supposed to last forever, but then failed. As is the case, a break-up after such a long time does something to you.

While I was processing this failure, I sat on the streetcar in Cologne on a gray November day and looked at equally gray expressions on the faces around me. I wondered what was happening in other people's lives and whether any of them were experiencing something similar. Am I alone with my experiences and feelings? I hadn't had any conversations with the people around me that day, but I had with others. And I realized that you are not alone. That's why it's good to talk to each other openly and honestly. And it also connects people who were perhaps previously complete strangers.

These magic moments of connection are what I want to share with you at the FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS.

The good thing about life is that it always writes new stories. After every breakup, there comes a point when you have overcome pain. In the best case, you can look back with gratitude on the time you've spent together, find new strength and maybe even a new love. This is what I wish you and look forward to hearing your story!

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Whether you want to share your experiences and learnings as a storyteller, make people laugh as a comedian or give professional advice as an expert on how to make relationships work better in the long run: FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS is the place for you!