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Cologne, 29.07.2023

FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS - Stories of failure in love

THE show all about the failure and success of love / Always with two Storyteller:innen, comedy and professional tips from couples counseling & Co.

The FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS are THE show about failure and success in love. The live show always features 2 storytellers who tell you the stories of their experiences in love and - very important - what they have learned from them. There is always a comedian or comedienne who makes the audience laugh afterwards - after all, humor is when you laugh anyway. And at the end there is professional advice from a couples therapist who tells you how to make relationships work better in the long term.

Empathize, laugh, understand - these are the FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS. The show is presented by Deutschlandfunk Nova. 

Sharing stories around the campfire Telling stories is one of mankind's most primal forms of communication. Stories have always transported experiences in the most beautiful way and connected us with each other. And stories have a special magic. Through them, we can discover commonalities and learn from differences. Especially when it comes to relationships and separations, an open and sincere exchange with others can help us to understand better.

At FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS - Stories of Failure in Love, we may not be sitting around a campfire, but guests get the perfect mix of emotional, funny and helpful: personal stories, relieving stand-up comedy and professional tips on how to make relationships work better in the long run. All the while, we celebrate being open and respectful with each other. The focus is on understanding yourself and others better and giving each other guidance. And to show: it's okay to screw up sometimes. We all know frustration, disappointment, mistakes and the sadness of a failed love. After all, the saying goes: failure is the new growth!

What's in the 2+ hours:

  • Learn why relationships fail,
  • Take it with humor,
  • Get professional tips on what makes relationships succeed
  • And meet new people!

"I love the stories behind people. What moves them. What disappoints them. What inspires them. And there are so many stories worth telling. My story leads me to create a show for you," said Juliana Stockheim, founder of FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS. "I was with my ex-girlfriend for over 10 years. A great love that was supposed to last forever and then failed. As it happens, a breakup after so long does something to you. While I was processing this failure, I sat in the streetcar in Cologne on a gray November day and looked at equally gray facial expressions around me. I wondered what was happening in the lives of others and if any of them were experiencing something similar. Am I alone with my experiences and feelings? On that day, no conversations had happened with the people around me, but on others. And in the process I realized that one is not alone. That's why it's good to talk openly and honestly with each other. And it also connects people who may have been complete strangers before. I would like to give this experience to the guests of FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS."

So far, the show is available in Cologne, Stuttgart, Jena, Mainz, Hamburg, Munich, Kiel and Weimar. More cities will follow. 

More about the FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS at, and on Instagram and Facebook @failinlovenights.

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Whether you want to share your experiences and learnings as a storyteller, make people laugh as a comedian or give professional advice as an expert on how to make relationships work better in the long run: FAIL IN LOVE NIGHTS is the place for you!